Hotoke 2015


The new year arrives. The continuity of seasons, tasks and rituals reminds us of the continuity of values handed down, which still apply to the way we live today.

This month, we focus on love in the sense of compassion – an ability to see people’s needs with humility and without standing in judgement. We offer what assistance we can, while showing respect and genuine concern.
Te Rātaka o Matariki, Papa Tongarewa
Matariki is the appropriate time to talk about our collective Strategic Direction as we look ahead to the next 25 years. You’ll remember in the last issue we asked you for your thoughts, ideas and moemoea as we move towards a post Treaty of Waitangi settlement environment. Our Executive Committee has taken the lead and are pleased to be able to present it to you at the Hui-a-Iwi to be held at 10 Gordon St, Dannevirke on Friday 7th August, 5.30pm.

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